On June 17, 2021, Canadian MP Derek Sloan raises concerns about censorship of doctors and scientists in Canada.

  • On April 30, 2021, the CPSO, College of Physicians and Surgeons, tells doctors to remain silent.
  • Women come forward with reports of vaccine injury within days of injection.
  • Joined by Dr. Byram Bridle from the University of Wealth, Dr. Patrick Phillips from the Englehart Hospital, and Dr. Don Welsh from the University of Ontario.
  • Nurse comes forward that local hospital experiencing low number of patients, until they accepted patients from other hospitals; and most patients were already vaccinated.
  • 4:15
    • 30y/o female pressured to take vaccine and was never informed of potential risks. Diagnosed with heart inflammation and heart fluid buildup.
    • This women knows 3 other women, under 35 years old, who experienced vaccine injury.