On June 22, 2021, Australian MP Craig Kelly speaks at the Australian Federal Parliament, House of Representatives, about Ivermectin.

Federal Member for Hughes • Party Leader • United Australia Party

Deputy Speaker, I … would like to pick up from where … left off about the changing of the health advice. And that is correct, the health advice of the vaccination program has changed, but what that actually shows, Deputy Speaker, is how mistaken it would have been to follow the advice of members of the opposition who wanted to rush out the vaccine in the earlier days. Their call was, “we must get more injections into the arms of people,” and yet, Deputy Speaker, we have now seen, because of that rushing out, we have in this country 800,000 Australians that have actually been injected with a substance which our Chief Medical Officer now says that the risks to them were greater than any potential benefit that they have received. That is historic proportions, Deputy.

Australian MP Craig Kelly